How many Minority owned micro-manufacturers are selling products on social platforms? How much do they make in aggregate?
How many Woman Owned beauty brands are selling product on Instagram?
How do minority business owners initially fund their social platform based businesses?
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frequently asked questions

Timely market research on minority business enterprises (MBE’s) building businesses over social platforms (e.g. Instagram, Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook Marketplace, etc…) .

Dollars follow data. Understanding the population, growth, needs, and behaviors of minority business as they build next century business using social commerce is critical to getting services and support from various companies, institutions, and agencies. 

While there are several organizations that provide data on the development, growth, and needs of traditional MBE’s, there is almost no data on the state of social first MBE’s. They are assumed to be too small and widely dispersed to warrant serious attention. The data we collect, analyze, and distribute will  bring build a more vibrant  data will help correct that misperception.

The reports are generated through automated data collection, survey of business owners, and in-depth interviews. Each provide a different level of insights and information on the state of social entrepreneurship across minority communities.

The range of parties who need this data to make decisions is wide. From developers planning commercial spaces to  municipal and state governments looking to attract, support, and grow small business within their jurisdictions. Financial institutions also are in deep need of understanding these business to support the development of new financial products for this market and grow underwritting the expansion of these businesses.


SocialMBE: Researching Minority Business Enterprises across Social Platforms

Minority led enterprises are creating new market new opportunities, new product offerings, and new customer segments across social platforms at an amazing pace. As the power and influence of this group grows there is demand for information on the growth, development, scale, and financial returns of these firms.

How many minority owned business are there operating on across social platforms?

What products do they sell and what kinds of support do they need?

How can cities, developers, financial institutions help them grow their business and gain new customers and employees?

SocialMBE is doing the research to answer these questions and many more. Focused exclusively on minority run enterprises operating on social marketplaces like Facebook, Etsy, InstaGram, Pinterest, and others, we survey, interview and analyze these business to help financial institutions, government agencies, multi-nations corporations understand how best to support and service them. 


About us

SocialMBE: Researching Minority Business Enterprises across Social Platforms

Our mission

Researching how minority owned business are using social platforms to build and scale enterprises.